Online Accounting Dashboard

Seventhsoft dashboard delivers to you the virtual accounting insight and analysis you need. Now your business at your fingertips.

Dashboard Features

To manage your business, you need relevant financial data that's delivered in real time. Seventhsoft dashboards are automatically updated to provide the most productive and effective to enhance your virtual accounting experience. We will always make new innovations to facilitate entrepreneurs

Realtime cashflow

Charts on the dashboard give you an accurate view of money going in and out. Make better business decisions with up-to-date data.

Awesome design

These include graphical displays of your Accounting financial information that's accessible any time you need it through graphs and charts on accounts.

Data in a second

Don’t waste time hunting down contact details for late payers! With just one click see overdue invoices and bills and who owes you.


Dashboard Standart


Dashboard with Transaction

"Produce a quote on the spot, or copy an existing one. Once you’ve done the work, it’s simple to turn your quote into an invoice. speed in accessing the dashboard anywhere anytime"

Streamline your sales process

"Find a quote so you can follow up and generate more business. If someone accepts your quote, turn it into an invoice to improve your cashflow. "

Quickly find quotes to follow up or invoice